AMD A8 X4 7650K FM2+ AD765KXBJABOX APU 4MB 3800MHz BOX 95W Retail

AMD APU AD765KXBJABOX APU A8 X4 7650K FM2+ 4MB 3800MHz BOX 95W Retail



Detail Specifications
  Model number

CPU part numbers
AD765KXBJABOX is a boxed microprocessor

3300 MHz

Turbo frequency
3700 MHz

Socket FM2+
  Architecture / Microarchitecture
Processor core :Kaveri
Core stepping :KV-A1

Manufacturing process:
0.028 micron
2.41 billion transistors

Die size:245mm2
Data width:64 bit
The number of cores:4
  The number of threads:4

Floating Point Unit:Integrated

Level 1 cache size :
2 x 96 KB 3-way set associative shared instruction caches
4 x 16 KB 4-way set associative data caches

Level 2 cache size :2 x 2 MB 16-way set associative shared caches

Level 3 cache size:None

1.MMX instructions
2.Extensions to MMX
3.SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
4.SSE2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
5.SSE3 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
6.SSSE3 / Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
7.SSE4 / SSE4.1 + SSE4.2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 4
9.AES / Advanced Encryption Standard instructions
10.AVX / Advanced Vector Extensions
  11.BMI1 / Bit Manipulation instructions 1
12.F16C / 16-bit Floating-Point conversion instructions
13.FMA3 / 3-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
14.FMA4 / 4-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
15.TBM / Trailing Bit Manipulation instructions
16.XOP / eXtended Operations instructions
17.AMD64 / AMD 64-bit technology
18.VT / Virtualization technology
19.EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection
20.Turbo Core 3.0 technology

Low power features:
  Integrated peripherals / components
Integrated graphics:
GPU Type: Radeon R7 series
Shader cores: 384
The number of supported displays: 4

Memory controller:
The number of controllers: 1
Memory channels: 2
Supported memory: DDR3

Other peripherals:
PCI Express 3.0
Unified Video Decoder 4.0
Video Coding Engine 2.0
TrueAudio accelerator

Electrical / Thermal parameters
Thermal Design Power :95 Watt
  Item Dimension (L"xW"xH"):
2.36 x 3.35 x 4.49

0.64 lb

Warranty Information:
3-Years Manufacture

AMD A8 X4 7650K FM2+ AD765KXBJABOX APU 4MB 3800MHz BOX 95W Retail

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